Draw from our collection of tools and resources to assist you in spreading Google Workspace to your friends, family or anyone else in your network.

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Important Note!

Blog, Post, Tweet

If you're going to blog, post, tweet about Google Workspace make sure to clearly disclose that you're a referrer in the Google Workspace Referral Program.

Consider using phrases such as 'paid for,' 'ad' or 'referring for Google' at the top of your content to ensure your role as a referrer is clear.

Image usage

Please refrain from using the Google Workspace Referral Program images and/or illustrations or other Google brand logos and imagery. These images and illustrations are for Google official sites only.

Instead please use the Digital Buttons (see below). These are meant to link to your unique referral link via your email or website.

Marketing Tools

We've made sharing your referral link easier with digital buttons and copy templates.

Use these templates to reach out successfully to your network:

Digital Buttons

Link your unique referral link to a digital button and add it to your email signature or website to quickly refer customers.

Social, Email and Website Templates

Use these simple, customizable templates to refer Google Workspace on your social channelsl, email and website. Simply insert your referral link and share.


Share these PDFs with your referrals to provide more information on Google Workspace.

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One Pager

After meeting with your referral provide them with a one page summary with information about Google Workspace.

Note: Pricing is based on where the business is located please be sure to share the current PDF with your referral.

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Promotion Code Redemption

Add your promotion codes to the PDF provided and share it with your referrals for them to enjoy 10% off their first year of Google Workspace and to ensure you are paid.

Google Workspace Customer
Success Stories


To empower employees to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners worldwide while maintaining security, Colgate-Palmolive worked with SADA Systems to migrate 28,000 people to Google Workspace. More than a year after migrating, excitement is still in the air at Colgate. Employees are engaged, productive, and in no hurry to take down their “Going Google” signs.

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The Iconic

The Iconic, an online fashion retailer, operates at a rapid pace, growing from a small Australian start up to the market leader in just 9 months. To keep up with this pace, they use Google Workspace allowing their staff to connect, communicate and collaborate as efficiently as possible.


On a journey to creating a new product and shipping to 87 countries, Kano needed tools that would allow them to work in the best possible way. Learn how Google Workspace helped this London-based startup overcome barriers to reaching their customers.