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Shea Media

"We’ve been promoting Google Workspace to our clients, friends and family long before the Referral Program was launched. We were already Google Workspace evangelists, so the referral program seemed like a logical next step."

Evan Scoboria

owner of Shea Media

Shea Media

At Shea Media, the small and dedicated team always strives to keep their customers front and center. “We provide personalized web services in an industry that can feel cold and unapproachable,” said owner Evan Scoboria. “I attribute our successes to always listening to our clients not as customers who need websites but as people who have dreams and aspirations that we can help them achieve.”

That’s why Evan and his teammates started recommending Google Workspace long before they even knew about the Referral Program. “We rely on Google Workspace for almost every aspect of our business administration,” Evan explained, “so we would promote it to our clients, friends and family. When I stumbled upon the Referral Program, it felt like a perfect fit.”

Now Shea Media promotes Google Workspace with their monthly newsletter, blog posts, social media and face-to-face meetings. “As longtime users ourselves, we’ve accumulated a lot of tricks to get the most from the suite of products,” Evan said. “We’ve found that sharing our excitement about the products through personal anecdotes directly increases clients’ level of interest.”

By spreading the word about their preferred way of working, Shea Media generates $1,500 to $2,000 per month in referral revenue, said Evan, noting that he hopes those numbers will rise in the coming months as he broadens his efforts. And in keeping with their customer-focused approach, they offer their referrals discount codes than can save them more than $500 when they sign up for Google Workspace via Shea Media’s link.

“The thing I like the best about the Google Workspace Referral Program is that we genuinely feel good making the recommendation,” Evan said. “We know that our customers will also see huge benefits from their Google Workspace account.”

On October 06, 2020, “G Suite” was renamed as “Google Workspace.” Original references on this page to the names “Google Apps”, “Google Apps for Work” or "G Suite" have been updated to reflect this change.

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