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"The easiest referral is the one you believe in. I don’t recommend anything else. It’s a slam dunk and easy sell because it’s honest."

Bradley Charbonneau

Owner of Likoma


Likoma helps small businesses with website design, email hosting and backend system setup. The company aims to empower customers to be self-sufficient and run their own business after they have finished the initial project. To accomplish this, Likoma’s owner, Bradley Charbonneau, provides customers with products that are simple to use and work effectively.

Likoma recommends and helps customers install Google Workspace because it deploys quickly and seamlessly. Charbonneau encourages all of his clients to use Google Workspace as a platform for email, documents, calendaring and more because it’s reliable, trustworthy and accessible from anywhere. “The easiest referral is the one you believe in,” Charbonneau said. “I don’t recommend anything else. It’s a slam dunk and an easy sell because it’s honest. Plus, after getting a client set up with Google Workspace email, I don’t get any client email support calls, so that’s an added bonus.“

Additionally, Google Workspace is a topic that has helped Likoma generate new business. Charbonneau regularly writes and publishes blog posts about how Google Workspace improves his business processes. “As I use Google Workspace more and more, I write about it and that builds traffic to my site,” Charbonneau noted. As a result, Charbonneau is increasing his bottom line through both new business and rewards from the Google Workspace Referral Program.

On October 06, 2020, “G Suite” was renamed as “Google Workspace.” Original references on this page to the names “Google Apps”, “Google Apps for Work” or "G Suite" have been updated to reflect this change.

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